Hello Gideon Levy – 6.02.2018

Deutsches Reich
February 6, 2018

Horst Mahler

Hello Gideon Levy,

Your speech at the “National Press Club” (USA) on April 10, 2015, has reached us – Germans who still want to be German. This is a cry for help to the world by the Jews, who no longer want to be Jews. They will be helped but not – as you hope – by the President of the United States, or by the European Union, but by the peoples in that they finally understand what the essence of ‘being chosen’ of the Jewish people is. In the “Satanic Mosaic Verses ” they will recognize Jewry.

Judaism is “the ‘No’ to the life of the peoples” (Martin Buber) – and this by the power of God’s choice – for the sake of freedom of the spirit’s will.

This realization is the Holy Grail that has long been sought after and was finally discovered in the pure thinking made of reason.

How is this to be understood?

The spirit is only free when not determined by anything that is not itself (self-determination).

God does not find the world before him as the potter the clay, he brings it forth from himself as his manifestation for himself. It is to him the mirror where he recognizes himself. He gains knowledge of himself by distinguishing in his reflection what he is and what he does not want to be.

It was a Jewish thinker, Benedict de Spinoza, who has coined the sentence: “Every finality is negation” (omnis determinatio est negatio).

Negation is in relationship to something else: the world reality from a destructive influence of ONE people upon all OTHER peoples. This relationship is the essence of Jewry to whom God reveals himself as Yahweh, who is “angry with all the heathen and angry with all their throng”; and further, “He will deliver them to the slaughter, and their slain will be thrown about so that the stench may rise from their corpses, and the mountains will flow from their blood.” (Is 34:2)

For the slaughter of the peoples, Yahweh needs the hands that apply the knife. In order to empower his “own people”, the Hebrews, for this work, he gives them in the Talmud the idea that “only Jews are human, and gentiles are like cattle.” (baba bathra folio 114 b)

And did you not report in your lecture?:

“It is the systematic dehumanization of the Palestinians that allows us Israelis to live with a calm conscience. If they are not human like us, then we have no problem with human rights.”

In the repetition:

“The idea that Palestinians are not human, as we are, lets us Israelis live with a clear conscience with all the crimes and with the loss of all humanity and values for so many years.”

You may ask, “What does this have to do with the freedom of the spirit?”

The spirit is real worldly existence as a complexion of the many peoples, who are relating to each other as organs of a godly being and form a living unity.

The life of this unity is existing order that appears to folk spirits as “indigenous,” accepted by them as their “nature”, that is, without understanding it. The spirit has not yet recognized this as spirit, as his self. In that, he is unfree when he believes wrongly to be determined by “nature”, something that he is not himself (self determination).

To become free in spirit requires the decomposition of all natural order – that is, not comprehended order – and the danger of death that follows from the destruction of order of the Folk spirits. It is death agony (the “horror vacui”) that drives the spirit to produce the life essential, in this sense rational, order in himself by the labor of thinking. Only through this does he recognize the order as his self, and in this realization he is self-determined; i.e., free.

It is the salvation mission of the Jewry to produce decadence in the peoples’ spirits – that is the decay of moral order – up to the threshold of the people’s death, so that the instinct of self-preservation of the spirit activates the salvation will of the peoples. These will then, through thinking that the German philosopher Friedrich Hegel has pioneered with his system of science of the spirit, recognize the order that corresponds to their essential peculiarity.

This recognition embraces the knowledge that the wickedness of Jewry against the peoples can not be ignored, without the prospect of freedom for the peoples falling away. The hatred against Jewry is alone with this recognition moved into the realm of the unthinkable, that is, it will disappears. And so Jewish fear of persecution becomes groundless and disappears, too.

At last comprehended as the necessary evil in the history of salvation, Jewry loses its cultural hegemony that has its foundation in the myth of the “victim” people and the corresponding guilt complexes of the peoples of the Christian West. The Christian delusion of guilt is the system of ropes that keeps giant Gulliver bound to the ground.

The ropes are tearing now. The fear of the Jews falls away. Without delusion, the evil loses its spell. The well-meaning helper troops of the Jews turn away. Reflection on ways out from Jewish interest bondage escapes from the taboo zone. The Holocaust religion and Human Rights religion lose their credibility. The democracy swindle is shattered. The human sciences and social sciences are purified by the constructs of reason. Reason calls to serve God.

Jewry’s longing for deliverance finally finds a way and aim through the German idealistic philosophy. With acceptance of this, the Jewish people make themselves into the Messiah. The first storm petrels are showing up at Mount Sinai. Their names are: Otto Weininger, Martin Buber, Israel Shahak, Gilad Atzmon, Israel Shamir, Shlomo Sand, Gidion Levy…

Jews and Germans in one front in the fight against cultural hegemony of the Yahweh principle of separation between man and God.

The Principle of the German Spirit, the ONENESS of God and man, recognized in reason’s logic, opens the “new Heaven” and creates a “New Earth” (Rev. 21:1)

I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars–I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you. (Revelation 3, 9)


Horst Mahler,

Henry Hafenmayer,

Klaus Kaping